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Labor and Employment Issues

Paying Employees
Direct Deposit
Expense Reimbursement
Final Paychecks
Mileage Reimbursements
Minimum Wage
Out of State Payroll Checks
Piece Rate Pay
Sale of Business = Employee Discharge
Wage Deduction - Employee Damages
Waiting Time Penalties
Wage Conversion

Sue Your Boss - 100+ ways employees can sue their employers.
Time Off Issues
Paid Family Leave
Paid Time Off
Rest Breaks
Vacation Pay
Voting Pay
Workplace Issues
Breast Feeding
Education Benefit
English Only Rules
Literacy Assistance
Non-Compete Agreements
Sexual Harassment Training
Smoking in Workplace

Business Resources

Accepting Payment
Bad Checks
Cash Payments
Gift Certificates
Marketing Methods
Email Marketing aka Spam
Fax Marketing aka Junk Faxes
Using official-looking stationary
Using words Made in USA
Professional and Business License Handbook
How long business records should be kept

Consumer Issues and Services

PayDay Loan Reviews - Information, law, and brief reviews about payday loans and payday loan websites. Be informed about your options before choosing this route to get fast cash.
Credit Repair Reviews - Review brief reviews of credit repair websites. This is a must read before you pay any money for someone to help clean up your credit.
Debt Consolidation Reviews - Review brief reviews of debt consolidation websites. This is a must read before you use any service to consolidate your debt.

Gambling - What federal and California laws may prohibit Internet gambling? Review and comparison of online casino websites.
Viagra - Review and comparison of websites selling Viagra. Not all websites comply with the law or provide adequate disclosures that are necessary to protect the consumer's legal rights.
Facebook legal issues


Dog Bites
How Long Does A Person Have To File A Lawsuit in California?
Preparing for Earthquakes
Legal Malpractice

Vehicles and Driving

California Car Towing Law. Special rules and disclosure requirements if your car has been towed by a private towing company.
What to do if you're in a car accident?


Weird and offbeat laws.

Stop FTB Bank Levy Report - How to keep your cash from being stolen out of your bank account by the California FTB or IRS.

Marrying Into Tax Problems - If you marry someone who owes taxes your wages and property may be taken by the government.

Taxes - Mileage Reimbursements


California Solar Law
National Legal Center
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Labor and Employment Issues

Minimum Wage
Wage Garnishment
Employer Control of Email

Business Resources

Starting a Business
Online EIN Application
Useful Resources
Convert Alphabetic Phone Numbers to Numerals
Currency Converter
Business Autoresponder Reviews
General Legal
US Code
Federal Regulations
Federal Register
In the News Special Reports
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Rick Perry Criminal Indictment - All the facts about this case, including backgrounds of the parties involved, the law, the indictment, and actual claims being made against the Texas Governor.

Polygamy, Bigamy, and Sister Wives. Can you marry anyone you want?

Nicki Minaj Wig Lawsuit Celebrity Nicki Minaj is sued by her former wig designer Terrence Davidson for allegedly stealing his wig designs and selling them as her own.

Polygamy, Bigamy, and Sister Wives. Can you really have sister wives?

New Jersey Challenges Federal Law Against Sports Betting - Will New Jersey open the floodgates for sports betting nationwide, and just in time for New Jersey hosting the Super Bowl?

Alligator Laws - Some states ban any commercial use of alligators. Others all hunting, skinning, eating, whatever.
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